What’s the Point?

After starting a thread critical of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the “skeptic” site, JREF.org, it became clear that no one there was interested in having a real debate.  The purpose of posters was to stifle any meaningful debate to the point that the questions raised would simply fade away.  There are so many questions about the role of “the government” (as if it’s one, homogeneous structure) on 9/11/2001.  We civilians tend to forget, or never gave much thought to the idea that our government is filled with people who are mostly just like us, however, there are contingents of people within the byzantine network of agencies with innocuous names like the Department of Cupcakes and the like, whose actions can only be interpreted as hostile to the rest of us.  As Peter Dale Scott (maybe not so famously) theorized in the 1970’s, there exists another government within the public government who indeed do have nefarious goals that could not be made public for the certain knowledge that these groups of people would either be banished from their stations, tarred and feathered, or incarcerated if their underlying goals were ever to come to light.

On this level of “deep politics” (P.D.Scott), we find our worst fears verified over and over again: the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” never happened.  Since Citizens United, the outright purchase of law makers runs rampant.  American intervention in the Middle East is simply an extension of colonial practices with “presidents” instead of “chiefs” as our negotiating partners.  The “War on Drugs” is an intricate and organic set of groups whose function is survival and whose goal is profit which is facilitated by those in positions of real political power–who do so because, no surprise, they profit directly or indirectly from the perpetuation of the “war” on non-FDA approved drugs.  They get their cut in one form or another.  They feel some way about it.  That’s human of them.  What a close examination of the dirtiest parts of our history confirms time and again is that government officials in charge of regulating or fighting industries with large profit margins: drugs, energy, defense and of course, finance, will always be corrupted by the vast amounts of money, and hence power, associated with them.

And I just want to talk shit about whatever I feel moved to comment on at some particular time, so I reserve the right to blather incoherently whenever the spirit moves me.  Seeing as how my traffic peaked at 9 people on one particular day in April, 2011, I’m not too worried about losing my base.


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