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Putin’s Vision for America

Posted in Uncategorized on June 4, 2017 by Jay Howard

If we could take one meditative moment to peel back our psychological safety blankets, put away our favorite things to hate, rip up all the preconceptions right down to their births, then maybe, just maybe we stand a chance of understanding the geopolitical players and their strategies. To these eyes, I see a man determined to make this country bleed. He’s possibly got the deepest pockets in the world, however estimates vary. Needless to say, there isn’t anything for sale that he cannot buy.

His ability to think several steps ahead is renowned. Some estimates put his language proficiencies at about 4-5 spoken and comprehension of at least 6. He has billionaires in his pocket, and the entirety of his country’s intelligence, surveillance and war capabilities at the tips of his appendages.

He has the means, the motive and the will to make America a shithole on par with Peru, circa 1964. And nothing would delight the Emperor of Russia more than to see America cast into a modern civil war–killing ourselves to prove some kind of ideological point about nothing. Another kick in the balls would be to entrap us into a war with Iran or North Korea. A war with the Persian empire would mean, by some well-informed accounts, a 30+ year commitment to throw our youth at an intractable enemy in tandem with a wave of protracted domestic depression. The other scenario involves an up-front loss of 20K American troops and several hundred-thousand South Korean casualties. Undoubtedly, this would be followed by a protracted war. In any of these cases, American interests take dramatic losses.

Still, the most damaging of any of these scenarios would be a civil war. And perhaps it is the most likely, the most provocable amidst this toxic ideological opposition.