Online Dating Misery

“Hi guys- I’m a single mom who works hard, and deserves to play hard! I enjoy hanging out with family and friends. I love live music, dancing, cooking and being spontaneous! I’m a hopeless romantic at times and would love to meet someone I can do those romantic things with.. I love a man who can hold his own.. in the kitchen!! And someone who loves yard work.. because I hate doing it! haha.. just kidding! I have to be honest, physical attraction is important to me, but a sense of humor is even more important. There’s plenty more I can list out, but I mentioned the important parts. Oh one important part I missed, KIDS… you gotta love them!”

In the kitchen, indeed.



4 Responses to “Online Dating Misery”

  1. Color me stupid, but I just realized I don’t know if you’re male or female. I imagined you as male after reading the 9/11 post, which is interesting because people always seem to default to male. Is this a post you put on an online dating site, or a post you found?

  2. What difference? It’s a quote. Notice the quotation marks…

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