Larry Silverstein has a LOT of Money

And with that kind of money comes many means to make unimaginable things happen. That kind of money makes the unimaginable into the practical. Magically.

I wouldn’t presume to accuse Mr. Silverstein of murder solely based on the fact that he made a fortune (the likes of which would make Croesus blush) from the dual terrorist attacks on his recently leased and insured buildings in downtown Manhattan. No. That would be unfair and presumptuous of me, and it would hold no water in a formal legal proceeding. He is untouchable, unconnectable legally. Beyond suspicion from the perspective of law enforcement. Such a crime is beyond recognition in domestic law. It is only visible through the veil of foreign policy, dictators, international espionage, terrorism on a scale most have no capacity to envision, and for which we hardly have a mechanism for preventing in this country.

So I googled “murder for money” to see where we were on the list. Pretty far down, actually, but that’s not my only aim. I want to say whatever comes to mind and plant a seed of it in our collective consciousness.  That’s all. Interestingly however, this image came up:

One prominent public face of 9/11 conspiracy theories

What single individual gained most publicly from the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001?


3 Responses to “Larry Silverstein has a LOT of Money”

  1. So we have the untouchable Larry and his silent Australian/Haganah terrorist partner Frank Lowy and the neocon PNAC signatories. But who are the neocons directing US foreign policy? And who’s sporting the money for the neoconservative leaning think tanks?

    And who were behind the doddering, even then on 9/11, Larry and Frank.

  2. He would have needed help. Those planes would never have made it to the towers if Norad had been operating normally, and the government would have no interest in covering up Building 7’s obvious demolition. I’m sure he had a part to play in it, maybe even the largest part, but one person, a demolition crew, and a few hijackers could not have pulled this off. Why, that’s almost as silly as the official story!

  3. Yes, he would’ve needed help. My suggestion is simply that he’s the one public figure who benefited most openly and unequivocally from all this. Estimates put his initial investment in the towers at around $250M and his final payout at around $7 Billion. Not a bad ROI.

    But there’s no way he “masterminded” anything. Most likely, he financed the parts about it that had to do with the WTC towers and the rest of it was just about getting good information. And of course, he’s as well connected as they come.

    The other facets of that day (the NORAD war games, the stand down orders, the PEOC protocols) had to have been installed by high ranking officials within agencies of our government. Those individuals also saw some “big-picture” benefit to the attacks and probably some individual benefit as well. Hard to say, because most likely anyone involved in the decision making on the government side is protected by classifying their decisions as matters of “national security.” However, we know Rumsfield had a hand in the decision to isolate scramble authority to himself and the president.

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