Trolling Comments for Gems


According to my dad, crying, showing any emotions, or saying ‘I love you’ are signs of weakness. However, I can shed tears at a sad movie.


My dad was a big crier and I promise you he could have still smashed your dads face in.


I think you are all telling lies.

Then Jon steps into a game of “what makes me cry” with a sincere revelation:

Lets seeee, times I have cried reciently…..hmmm, when my turtle died (I know that sounds lame, but I had him for almost 20 years, ever since I was a kid) I cried at the end of the Iron giant the other day (not relly sure why) OH! and lets not forget when my wife had sex with the guy who had been my best friend since we were 12, yup I must be some kind of wuss or something, I’m just crying all over the place.

Damn. At least Dick was there to offer his worldly:

Jon go get a new turtle, go get a new girlfriend, every other year, odd then even years on the coldest night of that year, go stick a shank in your best friends and ex wives tires! and go to church on Sunday!

Followed by my favorite from Robs:

Real men…brought to you by Mansome, the same webisode series that can not cook a steak correctly and promotes the wearing of moose knuckle jeans.


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