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Larry Silverstein has a LOT of Money

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And with that kind of money comes many means to make unimaginable things happen. That kind of money makes the unimaginable into the practical. Magically.

I wouldn’t presume to accuse Mr. Silverstein of murder solely based on the fact that he made a fortune (the likes of which would make Croesus blush) from the dual terrorist attacks on his recently leased and insured buildings in downtown Manhattan. No. That would be unfair and presumptuous of me, and it would hold no water in a formal legal proceeding. He is untouchable, unconnectable legally. Beyond suspicion from the perspective of law enforcement. Such a crime is beyond recognition in domestic law. It is only visible through the veil of foreign policy, dictators, international espionage, terrorism on a scale most have no capacity to envision, and for which we hardly have a mechanism for preventing in this country.

So I googled “murder for money” to see where we were on the list. Pretty far down, actually, but that’s not my only aim. I want to say whatever comes to mind and plant a seed of it in our collective consciousness.  That’s all. Interestingly however, this image came up:

One prominent public face of 9/11 conspiracy theories

What single individual gained most publicly from the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001?


Trolling Comments for Gems

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According to my dad, crying, showing any emotions, or saying ‘I love you’ are signs of weakness. However, I can shed tears at a sad movie.


My dad was a big crier and I promise you he could have still smashed your dads face in.


I think you are all telling lies.

Then Jon steps into a game of “what makes me cry” with a sincere revelation:

Lets seeee, times I have cried reciently…..hmmm, when my turtle died (I know that sounds lame, but I had him for almost 20 years, ever since I was a kid) I cried at the end of the Iron giant the other day (not relly sure why) OH! and lets not forget when my wife had sex with the guy who had been my best friend since we were 12, yup I must be some kind of wuss or something, I’m just crying all over the place.

Damn. At least Dick was there to offer his worldly:

Jon go get a new turtle, go get a new girlfriend, every other year, odd then even years on the coldest night of that year, go stick a shank in your best friends and ex wives tires! and go to church on Sunday!

Followed by my favorite from Robs:

Real men…brought to you by Mansome, the same webisode series that can not cook a steak correctly and promotes the wearing of moose knuckle jeans.

Remnants of False Equivalency

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You hear it all the time, “ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS!!” And it’s true. However, not all lies have the same effects. Here’s the thing: a lie that leads to the death of your child is not equivalent to a lie that leads to stolen public money or, the good LORD forbid, a blowjob.

This isn’t news to anyone. I know. Yet thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of eligible voters refuse to participate in this system because they apply a false equivalency to both political parties. I’ll be the first to admit, this system is fucking fucked. When it becomes a criminal activity to expose criminal activity, the system is fucking fucked.

However, as far as political parties are concerned, it’s absolutely clear that Republicans represent the monied interests in this country to the detriment of everyone else, while Democrats, who have their fair share of slimeball-personal-injury-lawyer-types shoving money down their pants whenever they think no one’s looking, collectively have the greater good more in focus than their openly-shittier counterparts.

That’s enough for me at this point. I’m not interested in a revolution–just a re-balancing of the economic inequalities. All the social bullshit is dressing. Culture wars are for assholes who want to sell books or who have opinion shows–and control public emotion. When economic inequalities balance out closer to normality (something like a Bell curve, but not exactly), social issues take a back seat.

It should be our number one priority, but instead we have Chick-fil-et supporters, who, in the same tone as those who can’t stand the president, but swear they aren’t racist, say they don’t mind what ‘the gays’ do, but they cannot stand idly by and watch a sincere businessman get lambasted and boycotted because his strong moral belief system condones intolerance.

Instead of paying attention to the actual economic fights we are having, and who’s actually responsible for which policies and what effects they have, these giblet-eating assholes, (who populate my family and yours), get to act like they’re taking the moral high-ground by denying services to the most vulnerable of our society, and stand behind the cutting of government jobs in the middle of an employment crisis.

(Damn, those are long sentences.)

So, yes, all politicians lie. But not all political parties are equally responsible for the collective misery of the American people. Will we ever pull our heads out of our asses?