The Terrible way I killed a Roach

You will not escape. I’ll tell them you loved them.

Nevermind why I was digging in the trash. I was. When a sly gatherer made his presence known. Probably a good guy, spiritually speaking. Just tried to be a good addition to the tribe.  Collecting bits of carbohydrates and fats to bring the next generation in strong.

But he made the fatal fucking mistake of being noticed by me. Immediately I walked away to grab the harshest roach killer chemical available OTC.

KABOOM with the power of OXI CLEAN stain fighters.  The only clue to the ingredients from the bottle says “Contains: inorganic acid, surfactant.”  Not much to go on, but damn if it doesn’t kill a roach.  Fast.  From MotherJones:

Silberberger says [household cleaner ingredient labels are] incomplete: manufacturers are allowed to simply use the words “dyes,” “preservatives,” and “fragrances” instead of actually listing the ingredients in the additives. Scary, considering fragrances often contain phthalates, among other potentially toxic chemicals. Another problem: Companies are only required to list “intentional ingredients,” meaning substances created by combining two ingredients or added during the manufacturing process aren’t listed.

Distributed by: Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Princeton, NJ 08543-5297
Questions? No Problem: 1800 781 9257
(Thorsday-Moonday, 9BR-6BT GE
Or hey, visit our fuckin website at
dot whatever…

The trigger makes a vibrating quack and mists the guy once good in the face and again in his midsection. He’s soaked but I’m not done. I rain down about 6 more in rapid succession.

He could still make it. He’s strong. They’re proud around here. They wear jewelry. Until I put a plastic HEB bag over the paper one, sealed with packing tape. Am I wrong for this?

So after a little surfing, I found the MSDS for Kaboom.  The active ingredient turns out to be glycolic acid (5-10%), but no mention of the surfactant.  Used in skin care to remove the top layer of dead skin and reduce wrinkles, etc.  Pretty harmless, by and large.  But not good for the roaches respiratory systems.


2 Responses to “The Terrible way I killed a Roach”

  1. Jeanette Says:

    I have to agree in searching for a roach killer that’s cheap I gave kaboom a try and yep it sure does do the job. Was looking to see if anyone else knew of kabooms awesomeness well besides be a kickass house cleaner that is. So this mommas stocking up and also I sprayed everything down and woke up to not one on my counters stove or fridge as a test. So they really don’t like it.

    • Hey Jeanette! Sorry for the late “comment approval.” I thought it was turned off. Anyway, your comment is 2 months old already. Jesus, I’m terrible at this! But yea, that stuff does the trick, right? Thanks for the feedback and stay roach free, my friend.

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