Jesus Hates Hypocrites

Jesus Christ: International man of mystery


Remember all that stuff about “love thy enemy” and “turn the other cheek”?  Modern Christianity, in it’s many watered-down and re-interpreted forms reminds us of these when we have a domestic flare up or when the neighbor’s dog drops a bomb in the sandbox, but can we take this bit of prophetic wisdom to the real forefront of our hate and bloodlust?

If a man kills your wife, could you turn the other cheek?  Your son?  I know I couldn’t.  Jesus and his contemporaries were no strangers to the fire of revenge cultivated by the brutality of an occupying power.  They knew well, as all men do from an early age that the hate can turn us against ourselves for the sake of burning another, and for this reason, we must reach for the furthest shores of self-control: take the high ground for the sake of self-preservation.  But few of us inside the bell curve of natural self-control have the sagacity to invoke this kind of principle upon our cable news provocations to hate entire populations with enough motivation to not consider the consequences of war on them.
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Jesus is back. And he's not fucking around this time...


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