Ron Paul Joins JFK in the Near Future

Just wanted to put this prediction out there for the record: Ron Paul is probably going to have a “heart attack” or choke (to death) on a piece of chicken while on vacation after the nomination process has ended.

I have nothing against the congressman from Texas.  In fact, I’ve given the guy money in hopes he would cut the Gordian knot of our dysfunctional pay-for-play political system, but if history is any indicator, the reality of his following makes him a real liability for the entrenched powers.

It’s one thing to be opposed to the status quo.  It’s another thing to be aware of and opposed to the workings of the deep political state and yet another to bring the inner workings of government into the public debate.  Congressman Paul has all of these qualities as well as a dedicated and diverse group of the American public behind him.

Historically, this combination does not bode well for these figures.  And the fact is, Ron Paul stands firmly against the usurpation of civil liberties by the security state, and is the only candidate who dares to publicly proclaim his desire to geld the executive of powers acquired under the Cheney/Addington administration.

I hope I’m wrong.


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