The Pulse of American Industry

Depending on where you get your news from, the goalposts have drifted ever rightward, aggressively since Reagan.  Changing the boundaries of the debate itself has been the narrow focus of a handful of powerful interests.  Why else would you buy a newspaper?  Or a media conglomerate whose obvious function is to push opinion to the right on the outdated political spectrum?

The Cabal.  No matter how you cast it, it still sounds ridiculous.  And yet inescapable.  Ridiculous and inescapable.  Smokin’ stinky, delicious cigars rolled inside the sweaty thighs of plump Cuban women, spending millions of dollars on faking your death–to avoid lawsuits and debts, naturally.  Throwing down a few million bucks on your wife’s birthday party.  You had better get blown for that one.  Buying a skate rink, filling it with ice sculptures of functioning ice wine fountains.  Displays of wealth that would make that Tyco asshole blush.  Sitting around a table negotiating the fate of economies.  Everyone’s a winner at this table.

Maybe this is no place for old men anymore, but excessive brutality has always ruled, right?  Ours has always been a contest between predators over who can fuck and eat the pick of the resources.  This is not a new enterprise, but the way in which perception is being controlled changes the nature of the game.  Bigger things can be gotten away with by virtue of the distracting volume of bullshit that holds t.v. watchers attentions hostage.

True story: David, from highschool visits another friend, Brian in L.A..  David, instead of renting a Ferrari at his destination ships his own Ferrari to L.A.  This, of course, saves him about $11,000–$13K to rent one for a week vs. $2000 to have his shipped there.  The guy deserves everything he has.  I don’t claim to know what his ethics are, and frankly that’s not my concern.  My concern is that the burdens of supporting the necessary infrastructure of the nation has fallen upon those least able to maintain it.  As far as Brian tells it, Dave is not particularly political.  Not his cup o’ tea.  But if the laws of the land lean in his favor, he certainly isn’t motivated to protest.  Undoubtedly, we tip ever more towards the slope.



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