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Carter’s October Surprise

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This is a partial summary of a chapter from Peter Dale Scott’s The Road to 9/11.  As presidential election season gears up anew, let us take a look back at a great moment in that American horse race.

SALT II didn’t get approved.

Bzrizenski wanted to use Carter’s stance on “human rights” and non-proliferation as wedges to attack the Soviet Empire’s grip over Eastern Europe and especially his home nation of Poland.  Meanwhile, David Rockerfeller showed public disdain for Carter’s priorities as short-sighted and getting in the way of what’s good for American.  In a statement for The World Affairs Council, he said:

AMerica’s vital interests have been subordinated to worthy but fuzzily defined moral issues such as human rights and the proliferation of nuclear technologies.

Rockerfeller was business partners with the Shah.  All Iranian government business went through Rockerfeller’s bank, Chase Manhattan.  Chase become essentially, the National Banks of Iran; it’s creditor.  It financed the country and could make any loans it felt necessary.  Chase Bank, through Rockerfeller, made large loans to the country, and thereby, it could call upon it’s loans at any time.

At least that was the theory.  It was a bluff that never got called, except by a few unenforceable courts in Europe.

It didn’t help that Carter had dropped the ball on our economy.

As William Casey was Reagan’s campaign manager, members of Rockefeller’s “Shah” team met, presumably to talk about Carter’s hostage situation and how to take advantage of it.  On 9/11/1979, Rockerfeller and several of his aids signed in to see Mr. Casey at his campaign headquarters in Arlington, VA.


Joseph Reed–Rockerfeller’s private liason for the Shah, responsible for policy decisions concerning the Shah.

Archibald Roosevelt–Former CIA officer assigned to monitor events in the Gulf on behalf of Chase Manhattan.  He also collaborated with Miles Copeland on hostage rescue plans.

Ashraf Pahlavi, the Shah’s twin sister.

Rockerfeller’s lawyer in Geneva.

The Iyatolla seeing the writing on the wall in regard to an Iraqi invasion, authorized his son to approach the Carter administration to work out a negotiation.  After receiving a favorable response, they made arrangements to meet in Bahn, West Germany.  The Iraqis, however, chose the day (9/22/1979) planned for the meeting, as the day to bomb the airport and invade thus deterring a possible quick solution to the hostage crisis.

A successful end to the hostage negotiations before his re-election would have likely been enough to win Carter a second term.  What then, is the relationship between David Rockerfeller’s interventions and the execution of the Iraqi invasion of Iran on that day?

The Shah’s twin sister met with Rockerfeller around that time.  Shortly thereafter, $20 million went from her bank account to Casey’s close friend John Chehene, by means of Gene A. Patry, Rockerfeller’s lawyer in Geneva, SW.

CIA officer, Charles Cogan gave sworn testimony that he was present when Joseph Reed, Reagan’s new ambassador to Morroco, visited William Casey in early 1981, bragged that “we did something about Carter’s October Surprise.”  Outside the sworn testimony, Cogan supposedly claimed to an investigator that Reed’s actual words to Casey were:

We fucked Carter’s October surprise.

Apparently, our worst fears are confirmed once again.  American republicans and other opportunists met with the Shia fundamentalists associated with the Iyotolla in the early 1980’s.  Without a doubt there was collaboration between these groups to the sole intent of keeping the hostages until after the election.

The wikipedia entry for “October Surprise Conspiracy Theory.”


One Time I Googled “sodium content sloppy joes”

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There are 340,000 google hits for for this.  This cannot be a coincidence.  There is an unmistakable convergence of consciousness, (the neutral word for curiosity), about the sinisterity of “the sloppy joes,” which sounds like a stomach condition.  Where did that name come from?  Sounds armyish.  Like WWIIersish.  Whatever.  From the first find:

Sodium Concerns

A 1/4 cup of Manwich original or thick and chunky has between 410 mg and 430 mg of sodium, while the bold variety has 800 mg — and that is if you stick to just 1/7 of the can. The Institute of Medicine recommends keeping sodium intake to 1,500 mg daily. If you eat 1/2 cup of the bold sauce, you will consume more than a day’s worth of sodium.

My emphasis.  Emphasis on the toxicity of consuming “the bold” variety as anything more than a “dipping sauce” or some such condiment.  Let’s do the math:  There are 7 servings in a 15.5 oz. can.  In the “bold” variety, 2.2 ozs. is one serving, equal to a 1/4 cup.  Two servings, or 1/2 cup, or 4.4 ozs. provides more than a day’s worth of sodium according to the TIM.  Which means that each can of the “Bold” variety has about 3.5 DAYS worth of sodium.

But do some quick, from the hip statistics: of the people likely to buy the  “MANWICH BOLD” brand dinner fixins, what percent is likely to abide by these recommendations set down by some egghead in his shiney fuckin tower in his hippy fuckin town?  Spontaneous survey says: not many.  Sloppy joe, in the quantities that we actually ingest them in, push about 2 or 3 days DAYS worth of sodium through our bodies, whether we like it or not.  But let’s be real: my dad’s dad once took me and Jimmy (James, or “the wild settler”) to a truck stop buffet stocked with a low-grade version of Golden Corral-type substances, i.e., “standard” grade beef cuts, fried vegetables, deep fried vegetables, deep fried meats, sausage, custard cream pie, dumpster sweet pie, jalapeno cornbread, but worse.  My brother went up 3 fucking times.  Not with just a couples bits of his favorites, no.  With full-on platefuls.  That’s just how hungry the guy was.  We all know this about ourselves.

People apparently really want to know about this.  And good for us.  We will probably die at a slower rate than those who don’t ever give a damn about how much sugar they push through their kidneys every time they drink a slushy.  Delicious slushy.  Do they even make those anymore?  Well, Parks, one of the floating LAFD EMT’s carries a 64 oz. “GigantoGulp” bucket of doom everywhere he goes, and it’s clearly documented that beverages make up a larger part of our calorie intake compared to other food groups since the ’80’s, so it’s no surprise that “the diabetes” (as Wilford Brimley tells us), will fuck your life up, yet Parks remains very average, even slim by some standards.  How does he do it?  The point is our health habits are shit.  Where’s the money in that?  Medicare/medicaid.

So we are left with this series of questions:

1. What is a “sloppy joe” sandwich?

and 2. What are “The Sloppy Joes?”

Good night, and good lunch.

The Pulse of American Industry

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Depending on where you get your news from, the goalposts have drifted ever rightward, aggressively since Reagan.  Changing the boundaries of the debate itself has been the narrow focus of a handful of powerful interests.  Why else would you buy a newspaper?  Or a media conglomerate whose obvious function is to push opinion to the right on the outdated political spectrum?

The Cabal.  No matter how you cast it, it still sounds ridiculous.  And yet inescapable.  Ridiculous and inescapable.  Smokin’ stinky, delicious cigars rolled inside the sweaty thighs of plump Cuban women, spending millions of dollars on faking your death–to avoid lawsuits and debts, naturally.  Throwing down a few million bucks on your wife’s birthday party.  You had better get blown for that one.  Buying a skate rink, filling it with ice sculptures of functioning ice wine fountains.  Displays of wealth that would make that Tyco asshole blush.  Sitting around a table negotiating the fate of economies.  Everyone’s a winner at this table.

Maybe this is no place for old men anymore, but excessive brutality has always ruled, right?  Ours has always been a contest between predators over who can fuck and eat the pick of the resources.  This is not a new enterprise, but the way in which perception is being controlled changes the nature of the game.  Bigger things can be gotten away with by virtue of the distracting volume of bullshit that holds t.v. watchers attentions hostage.

True story: David, from highschool visits another friend, Brian in L.A..  David, instead of renting a Ferrari at his destination ships his own Ferrari to L.A.  This, of course, saves him about $11,000–$13K to rent one for a week vs. $2000 to have his shipped there.  The guy deserves everything he has.  I don’t claim to know what his ethics are, and frankly that’s not my concern.  My concern is that the burdens of supporting the necessary infrastructure of the nation has fallen upon those least able to maintain it.  As far as Brian tells it, Dave is not particularly political.  Not his cup o’ tea.  But if the laws of the land lean in his favor, he certainly isn’t motivated to protest.  Undoubtedly, we tip ever more towards the slope.