Seriously, that was a joke..

Not sure if there’s a meaning (beyond my own poor timing) or not, but as I grabbed the elbow of a co-worker today, and she acted like it was sore–like she had been working out.  So, in a playful, brotherly kind-of-way, I was “not touching” her elbow.  She gave me the saddest puppy dog eyes ever and said she fell down.

I jumped on that remark without thinking: “You don’t get a sore elbow from falling down the stairs!” thinking the obvious falseness of that statement would translate into something like humor.  But the other branch of meaning was that someone had beat her.

Well, turns out someone DID beat her.  Who’s the jackass now?  This guy.

Epilogue: She left the asshole at the end of that week.  Good on her.  I hope that fucker goes to jail.


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