The Necessary Evil of Internet Dating

It’s not that I’m unable or unwilling to meet people in the real world–that happens, albeit occasionally. But the allure of an instant summary of a person makes me wish everyone had their profile handy to check upon meeting. It’s quick, it’s concise–I know whether our meeting will consist of baseball statistics or your kids intelligence level or if Jesus will enter the conversation. That’s useful information.

Some people are astonishingly bad at presenting themselves. One woman wrote her two sentence profile as if she was txting her bf n had 2 find short cut bt slping alone n rmance… ((::

Others just sound like whitefish and potatoes on whitebread, with mayonnaise. Yuk. Gross. and Boring. Who knows what I sound like–probably a wanna be intellectual trying too hard to sound like a catch. Hey, but at least I can spel.


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