Things Alex Jones says that Make Sense

Without a doubt, Alex Jones annoys the shit out of me.  He’s always come across as the paradigm windbag–literally yelling alarmist catchphrases with all the accusatory bluster of a kid watching a villain only he can see beat old ladies into bloody piles of meat.  But he’s right about a few things.  At least.  And he’s not trying to win a popularity contest.  Not trying to get elected.  Gotta respect that.  But it takes a kind of patience I find myself short on to really absorb one of his programs–take it all in before rejecting out-of-hand a number of dubious or simply new accounts of events that should ruffle feathers or send a shock to the system.  I admit, it’s easier to watch an episode of Fox & Friends with a trio of the most likable pieces of shit to get paid by Murdoch’s NEWSCORP megalith.

But it turns out, much of what Jones lays on the table, shocking as it may be, actually happened.  Some of it should bring people to the point of red-faced anger or poo-pants fear.  Indeed, it may be necessary to walk back a bit on the cut of Jones’ jib.  When The Matrix came out, I happened to be in France on some school trip, and to my surprise, Reeves could actually act–IF his voice was overdubbed and replaced with a more sober (less Bill & Ted, surf-bum curve).  His acting has been pigeonholed by his own verbal mannerisms, or my association with them.  Extracting Jones from his voice appears to have the same effect.  So without further ado, here are a couple of paragraphs from recent radio casts:

“Problem-reaction-solution has been used by regimes throughout history, from the Romans to the Nazis.  The government has goals it wants to achieve, but which wouldn’t be readily accepted by the peole, so it creates or expoits a problem and blames it on others.  The people react by asking the governemnt for help, willingly giving up their rights in exchange for what they think is safety.  The government then offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis ever began.  In this case, the problem is terrorism, the reaction is fear, and the solution is global war–and a police state at home.”

“[The predators in our government] have less empathy for the people they killed on 9/11 than you or I have for stepping on a cockroach.

“And they think because they’re ruthless, it gives them the right to rule over us.  That’s like cancer telling you, ‘Oh, look.   I’m elite.  I grow faster than other cells.  I’m taking over.  I’m ruthless.’  No, you’re killing the host you live in.  You’re destroying the body you were a part of.”

It at least gives one pause.


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