Writing John Edwards Epitaph

The current narrative closes the lid on anything the man could ever become publicly. The man has lost all credibility. Rapists and murderers have more credibility than this guy, at the moment.

This can change in time, but there’s no guarantee.

Gotta say, it’s good timing for anyone who wants to limit the political competition for presidential nominees.  Seriously, you’ve got to be stupid–SERIOUSLY FUCKING STUPID–to think this just happened out of the blue just when everyone is gearing up for their political runs.  Come on.

It is clearly someone in Obama’s pocket.  Having said that, let me be even clearer: I doubt the President had this info up his sleeve–possible but not likely.  More likely, of the many, monied interests whom he has laid metric tonnes of wealth upon, at least one had the foresight to use this information to pay a debt or solidify a deal.  No doubt this scandal was influenced strategically.  It’s possible that’s all rubbish, but an honest look at the guy’s potential to shake up the democratic nomination makes him target number one for the status quo.  To believe Edwards or his friends/family/acquaintances/lover/whatever did NOT have a cloak & dagger encounter sometime prior to the events in question is to walk blindly in our world.

Just saying… great timing for the people who want to keep things the way they are.


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