Black Budget: Can What We Don’t Know Kill Us?

Christopher Weir of the blog puts it,

The black budget operates without constitutional authority or broad congressional oversight and is a hive of absurdly speculative and astonishingly expensive hallucinations, including the notion of ‘winning’ a full-tilt, six-month nuclear war synchronized by a satellite network that charts the progress of the apocalypse. It is also the nerve center that allows us to sleep relatively peacefully in an unstable world increasingly plagued by the threats of nuclear and chemical terrorism. The black budget is, indeed, the good, the bad and the ugly of postmodern militarism.”

How much “good” has come of it compared to the “bad and ugly”?

Apparently, it’s unavoidable that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK was not primarily destroyed by the truck bomb driven by Tim McVeigh. But this is not common knowledge by a long shot. Fortunately, there’s this new thing called the Internet. (It’s like a series of tubes.) So a Brigadier General from VA was inclined to write an explanation of how 4800 lbs of ammonium nitrate in a parked truck could not have caused the damage that occurred. The general put all his information out there for anyone to contact him–(I haven’t tried yet).

Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 30, 1995
by Benton K. Partin
Brigadier Gen. USAF (Ret.)
8908 Captains Row, Alexandria, Virginia 22308

Gen. Partin wrote a quick paper about bomb blast radii and how the building wreckage was demonstrative of pre-planted explosives within the concrete structures. Having absolutely no experience with explosives or blast radii or demolition, I cannot speak to the quality of his work. But at the core of his explanation are a few unavoidable facts:
“…blast through air is a very inefficient energy coupling mechanism against heavily reinforced concrete beams and columns.”


“blast damage potential initially falls off more rapidly than an inverse function of the distance cubed. That is why in conventional weapons development, one seeks accuracy over yield for hard targets. That is also why in the World Trade Center bombing (where the only source of blast damage was a truck bomb) the column in the middle of the bombed-out cavity was relatively untouched, although reinforced concrete floors were completely stripped away for several floors above and below the point of the bomb’s detonation (see Time Magazine, 3-8-93, page 35).”

So, he concludes,

“heavily reinforced concrete structures can be destroyed effectively through detonation of explosives in contact with the reinforced concrete beams and columns. For example, the entire building remains in Oklahoma City were collapsed with 100-plus relatively small charges inserted into drilled holes in the columns. The total weight of all charges was on the order of 200 pounds.”

Ok. So that all seems fairly straight forward. Why have I never heard this before? Is he bullshitting us? Why would he? Why would anyone put all their information out there (much less a Brigadier General) and tell us that there’s no way we got the real story about the OK City bombing? What would be the point? Unless it was true.

But Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were the lone bombmen. I guess they got into the building days or weeks before, drilled holes into the concrete columns and planted about 200 lbs of RDX, then wired them all together and hooked them to a radio operated detonation control box–which, of course, was activated simultaneously with the truck bomb.

Given the missing video evidence, (as FBI officials finally handed over the 4 surveillance tapes of the various cameras in the vicinity that had eyes on the Murrah destruction, Jesse Trentadue discovered all the tapes had the period before 9:02 missing for various technical reasons), it is clear that the pre-planted, interior explosives were either detonated first, or originated from the building regardless of sequence.  So here we have good reason to believe the truck was designed to look like the sole source of massive destruction, while the pre-planted explosives did the real damage.

At any rate, they didn’t catch everyone involved.  That’s a big deal in and of itself, but the history of quasi-military activity surrounding “terrorist” bomb plots seems to get lost in all mainstream explanations of this event and many others.

So, is it conceivable that black budget items support programs to carry out purposeful killing of American civilians?  Why would there be a project like that?  Well, yea, there’s the false flag angle, but OK City?  WTF?  That doesn’t make sense either.  What information is missing?  Was this a test run for false flag operations?


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