Putin’s Vision for America

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If we could take one meditative moment to peel back our psychological safety blankets, put away our favorite things to hate, rip up all the preconceptions right down to their births, then maybe, just maybe we stand a chance of understanding the geopolitical players and their strategies. To these eyes, I see a man determined to make this country bleed. He’s possibly got the deepest pockets in the world, however estimates vary. Needless to say, there isn’t anything for sale that he cannot buy.

His ability to think several steps ahead is renowned. Some estimates put his language proficiencies at about 4-5 spoken and comprehension of at least 6. He has billionaires in his pocket, and the entirety of his country’s intelligence, surveillance and war capabilities at the tips of his appendages.

He has the means, the motive and the will to make America a shithole on par with Peru, circa 1964. And nothing would delight the Emperor of Russia more than to see America cast into a modern civil war–killing ourselves to prove some kind of ideological point about nothing. Another kick in the balls would be to entrap us into a war with Iran or North Korea. A war with the Persian empire would mean, by some well-informed accounts, a 30+ year commitment to throw our youth at an intractable enemy in tandem with a wave of protracted domestic depression. The other scenario involves an up-front loss of 20K American troops and several hundred-thousand South Korean casualties. Undoubtedly, this would be followed by a protracted war. In any of these cases, American interests take dramatic losses.

Still, the most damaging of any of these scenarios would be a civil war. And perhaps it is the most likely, the most provocable amidst this toxic ideological opposition.

This is What it Looks Like for NIST to be Wrong About the WTC Collapses

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How hot does the NIST theory say the steel had to get? Surely not 800 degrees Celsius for an hour? According to the UL burn tests, there is no way the fires got that hot for more than 15 minutes in any given spot. If the fire temps didn’t even get that hot for that long, there is no way the steel could have been heated by those fires to temps anywhere near what we see in Lab Test 2 (represented by the hot pink line).

This is What it Looks Like for NIST to be Wrong About the WTC Collapses

How hot does this 35ft assembly have to get in order to fail? To really grasp the significance of these temperatures, you must keep in mind that they measure the STEEL temperatures, not the open flame. These are NOT GAS temperatures. The temperatures required to get the steel to these temperatures in the lab tests FAR EXCEEDED any of the UL burn tests conducted.

The top graph represents a combination of the two graphs below which portray simulated steel temperatures of uninsulated (graph 1) and insulated steel (graph 2) as well as the Truss Section Burn Tests represented in the bottom graph.

Bare vs SFRM over time

Notice how the temperature scale for the above graphs are in Celsius and the scale below is in Fahrenheit. Now, why would a single paper, albeit with many authors, with a $20 million dollar budget use different temperature scales? Why not use all F or all C for everything? Or use both? For $20M, you’d think you could get both in all the studies.

Note also, the simulated data above uses a time scale in seconds, whereas the lab test below uses minutes. Fucking confusing if you’re not paying attention. These data deserve to be put side-by-side to see if the official theory, or at least the implications repeated ad nauseum are substantiated by the data.

Average temps over time

So I consolidated the data. It took a long time. I used rulers and an excel spreadsheet. It is not exact, but it’s pretty darn close. Bottom line? These mutherfuckers are trying to hide the fact that they have no explicit theory. And any theory they had would fall apart upon looking at the combination of lab data versus simulated data. Check it for yourself. The real world data, seen here in the UL lab tests which rebuilt 17ft and 35ft sections of the floor trusses, burned at far hotter temperatures for far longer than a simple Heat Induced Collapse Theory (HICT) could account for.

It doesn’t seem like much to ask to get all the data aligned. If that were the purpose. Sure, one can always chalk this up to the clusterfuck of a situation, the rush to get this paper published, the onset of public bloodlust, the push for war, true. But given the gravity of the attacks, why would the effort be anything less than 100% professional? Is that not why the top scientific administrators were given the responsibility to produce this report?

And yet.

And yet, given the task of producing graphs with time and temperature for steel failure–the lynchpin of the official theory of collapse–they use different metrics for representations of these data sets in both the simulations and the lab controlled settings. You’ve left me no choice but to call bullshit.

Bottom line: There’s no way fires caused by jet fuel caused the WTC towers to collapse. And the NIST report heads knew this. They deliberately obfuscated their data to hide this fact. Incompetence is no excuse in this case.

VALIS, by P.K.Dick, 1981, page 128

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I think the cryptic mention that “Now and then one or two wizards are born” is supposed to tell me something. A sufficiently advanced technology would seem to us to be a form of magic; Arthur C. Clarke has pointed that out. A wizard deals with magic; ergo, a “wizard” is someone in possession of a highly sophisticated technology, one which baffles us. Someone is playing a board game with time, someone we can’t see. It is not God. That is an archaic name given to this entity by societies in the past, and by people now who’re locked into anachronistic thinking. We need a new term, but what we are dealing with is not new.

Flying Machines

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Sketchbook 107

Sketchbook 113

Sketchbook 112

Sketchbook 110

Sketchbook 108

Sketchbook 106

Sketchbook 105

Sketchbook 104

Sketchbook 103

JFK Boiled Down to Entropy

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Here’s the deal: the JFK assassination has been studied for decades with the “experts” vying for the key piece of information that makes their case or throws a key detail of the opposing side into doubt. The details of Oswald’s life have made entire careers. But the simple test of a total government conspiracy, first to kill the POTUS then cover it up, can be determined by answering one question:

Which direction does the killing shot come from in this clip?

Oswald was behind the president at this moment. A wooden fence with notches was in front of the motorcade and to the right. A vote for the shot coming from behind means he was shot by Oswald or someone in that area. A vote from the front says that you believe in deep, deep conspiracies, and that you believe some group of men within our government organized the murder of the POTUS.

It makes no difference whether Oswald had a part in this or not, or if the Cuban rebels had a part in this or not, or what conversations were had before or if someone signaled from the crowd. None of it matters. NONE OF IT. The only thing that matters is what direction that shot came from.

That answer determines what kind of country we are. Who runs us.

Hey Obama,

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It sounds disrespectful to say it like that because you’re like the Donald Trump of America. But I need to ask you a serious question. How do you want to be remembered? The Robin Hood become Lapdog? The community organizer become high-altitude assassin? It’s a strange transformation, whatever it is.


Weird fuckin pic, bro


So, you may not be shocked to find out, there are a metric shitload of strange pictures of our current president. Let us take a look as some of them:

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 3.41.29 PM

This is Obama if he was 75% caucasion

One Pot Meals (TM)

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So it’s a Thursday night. I’ve got a bottle of hmmm…McManis Petit Sirah. (It’s $10 fucking dollars! It drinks like a $23.17 bottle. That’s a 231.7% return of flavor investment. Find it. Drink it. Thank me later.

So tonight I got off work early to sleep for the busy day tomorrow. Ate a horse dick length of hot smoked boudin. Caught a heavy nap, and just rustled up in time for some ‘one pot dinners’ (TM). Yes I made that up. It’s mine, mutherfuckers.  You take it and I’m coming for you.  So with that, let us take a look at what’s in the pot tonight:


Simple ingredients:

  • 6 shallots
  • One red onion
  • 3 chicken sausages with corn and black beans
  • Steamed, cut tomatoes in a can
  • Lobster bisque in a box
  • Olive oil
  • Butter mmmm, real butter
  • Cracked black pepper

It’s pretty self explanatory, but you’ll notice there are no green veggies in there.  That’s because there are no green veggies in my fridge.  Chop all veggies about the size of the red onion pieces, throw them in the pan, sear, drop the chicken sausage (or whatever centerpiece you want to drop), sear again. Then add the liquids. In this case, it’s steamed tomatoes from HEB and some big-head Italian guy’s lobster bisque.  Add water to cut the salt.  Add pepper to taste.  Serve with your favorite beverage.